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Green Burial


Most cemeteries in California (including National Cemeteries) will require a vault or a liner to keep the ground from sinking.  If a person while walking on the cemetery property sprains an ankle and a vault or liner has been used, the law reflects that the cemetery has used due care and prudence and is thus not liable; if a vault or liner has not been used, then the cemetery can be held liable.

We at Wildrose Chapel and Funeral Home understand the importance of preserving the environment. We are able to use alternative forms of body preparation that does away with embalming chemicals, thus not allowing those toxic chemicals to contaminate the earth and the water tables. With that attitude in mind, we offer Visitations, Funerals, and Graveside Services without embalming. The families we serve are so pleased with how their deceased loved one looks. Many have even stated that the deceased looks a lot more natural and relaxed without using those toxic chemicals.

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